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PAI Health fitness platform raises $9 million to expand into insurance (BETAKIT)

PAI Health was formerly known as Mio Global when it built proprietary heart rate trackers.

Meet and Learn from Toronto Health Experts at HealthTO (TECHTO)

“HealthTO brings together Toronto’s healthcare innovation professionals and enthusiasts to discuss topics related to the future of innovation in health and wellness.”

Canada failing to produce industry-leading health tech companies, says new report (THELOGIC)

Canadian governments and universities’ health research and commercialization funding is returning 50 cents on the dollar, according to a new report from the University of Toronto’s Impact Centre.

Lift & Co reveals plans to launch cannabis rewards platform (BETAKIT)

It marks a shift to offering education surrounding the recreational consumption of the plant.

Former Uber exec Andrew Chapin takes the wraps off his stealth mental health startup (TECHCRUNCH)

Basis, an app meant to help people cope with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues through guided conversations via chat or video, is emerging from stealth with a $3.75 million investment led by Bedrock.

Beyond the scalpel: Why ‘virtual’ autopsies may be the way of the future (CBC)

Study suggests autopsies using MRI, CT scans perform just as well as a traditional post-mortem exam.

Forward Health, the healthcare messaging app, scores $3.9M led by Stride.VC (TECHCRUNCH)

Forward Health has built an app to help healthcare professionals communicate in a secure and compliant way.

A new biotech company has raised $25 million to help unleash a ‘virgin market’ of psychedelic research (BUSINESSINSIDER)

The company, Atai, aims to help fund more studies that explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs like psilocybin and others on mental illnesses such as depression.

Waterloo researchers may be able to predict and counteract VR sickness (BETAKIT)

Researchers found that there was an inverse relationship between how much someone swayed and the degree of cybersickness (sickness caused by VR) they experienced.

Siilo injects $5.1M to try to transplant WhatsApp use in hospitals (TECHCRUNCH)

Consumer messaging apps like WhatsApp are not only insanely popular for chatting with friends but have pushed deep into the workplace too, thanks to the speed and convenience they offer. They have even crept into hospitals, as time-strapped doctors reach for a quick and easy way to collaborate over patient cases on the ward.

BlueOcean Ventures ll’s blockchain-powered VC fund targets medical innovation (VENTUREBEAT)

With what it claims is the first tokenized VC fund for medical technology, BlueOcean Ventures is focused on investing in medical device and life science startups — fields it believes can benefit from blockchain technologies, distributed ledgers, and cryptocurrencies.


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