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Maple raises $14.5 million to help Canadians access virtual health care

Maple, a telemedicine platform that provides on-demand access to medical providers, has raised $14.5 million.

Google completes controversial takeover of DeepMind Health(TECHCRUNCH)

Google has completed a controversial take-over of the health division of its UK AI acquisition, DeepMind.

OrbCare is bankrupt and looking for a buyer after misrepresented finances and debt(BETAKIT)

Healthtech startup OrbCare is in debt to the point of insolvency, just six months after OrbCare announced a $2 million seed funding round led by iGan Partners.

Walmart will stop selling e-cigarettes in the wake of vaping-related deaths(CNBC)

Walmart cites “growing federal, state and local regulatory complexity and uncertainty” around e-cigarettes.

Casper’s CBD gummies are here to help you sleep when a mere mattress isn’t enough(FASTCOMPANY)

Casper wants to help you get in the mood to sleep even before you lie down on one of its beds.

The founders of Robin Healthcare think doctors need smart assistants, too(TECHCRUNCH)

Robin’s service is human-assisted natural language processing to make sure that the data is input correctly

How hi-tech sensors on buildings, cars and in the sky could help keep Toronto’s air clean(CBC)

High tech “super sniffers” using next-generation sensing technology and high-powered data crunching could help Toronto track down sources of odour and pollution.

Kaia raises $8 million to treat chronic pain with AI-guided exercise(VENTUREBEAT)

Kaia launched in the U.S. in September 2018 following successful pilots in Germany and the U.K., and it’s generated a fair amount of buzz, managing to rack up more than 275,000 downloads in three years.

On-demand plant food startup Simple Feast raises $33M B round to push its climate credentials(TECHCRUNCH)

With food production a major contributor to climate change, it’s no surprise then that on-demand food startups are appearing to cater to this new audience.

Navigating Cancer raises $26M, aims to change the patient experience for oncology care(MEDCITYNEWS)

Navigating Cancer, a Seattle startup that makes software to help providers and patients manage cancer treatment, landed $26 million in a Series D investment round.

Fitbit considering a sale as it struggles to transition to smartwatches: sources(THEGLOBEANDMAIL)

Fitbit has held discussions with investment bank Qatalyst Partners about whether it should engage with potential acquirers, the sources said.


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