H|T: The Healthtech Times – Can Alexa diagnose your flu?

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Victory Square launches Grow Tech Labs cannabis accelerator (BETAKIT)

GTL will work with Launch Academy to kickstart its foundational training programs.

On-demand pharmacy startup NowRx raises $7 million Series A round through crowdfunding (TECHCRUNCH)

Since its launch in 2016, NowRx has delivered more than 50,000 prescriptions from 1,900 doctors.

Amazon patents new Alexa feature that knows when you’re ill and offers you medicine (TELEGRAPH)

One example given in the patent is a woman coughing and sniffling while she speaks to her Amazon Echo device. Alexa first suggests some chicken soup to cure her cold, and then offers to order cough drops on Amazon.

Patient outcomes are at heart of disruptive healthcare tech (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

Startups are having the biggest impact working on technology that disrupts access, data gathering, monitoring and care interventions to help patients – as well as alleviate clinician burnout, says cofounder and EVP of Health 2.0 Indu Sabaiya.

Myant partners with Mayo Clinic on clothing that detects irregular heartbeats (BETAKIT)

The collaboration aims to help people at risk of developing Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), and give patients and doctors the ability to proactively monitor heart activity using clothing that detects normal or abnormal heart rhythm.

Investors rush to patent genetically modified cannabis molecules (CBC)

Critics worry private companies will own genetic building blocks of life.

Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global is teaming up with Zenefits (TECHCRUNCH)

The partnership will make available to employees of the 11,000 businesses that use Zenefits human resources software Thrive content, tips and tools within the Zenefits platform, and managers will be able to use the Thrive app to track and measure employee well-being.

Devoted Health raises $300M in funding (FINSMES)

Devoted Health, which offers Medicare Advantage plans, raised the funding from Andreessen Horowithz.

Keeps parent company Thirty Madison raises $15 million to fight male pattern baldness (TECHCRUNCH)

Thirty Madison, which provides a subscription-based online marketplace for men’s hair loss prevention medications Finasteride and Minoxidil, raised the funding from Maveron and Northzone.

Female founded fertility startup Future Family raises $10 million Series A (FORBES)

Future Family plans to use the new funding to meet the rapidly rising requests for fertility services flooding the platform—and ultimately, to help make the conversation around fertility more proactive.


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