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MacroHealth raises $54 million CAD Series A to hire new talent in Vancouver (BETAKIT)

MacroHealth, which offers a platform that optimizes the buying and selling of health services, has raised a $54 million CAD Series A round.


Building an MVP with Bridgit COO Lauren Lake

Before a startup can land its first round of major financing, it needs an MVP. But how do entrepreneurs create a Minimal Viable Product?

On the #CIBCInnovationEconomy podcast, Bridgit COO Lauren Lake teaches us how she and CEO Mallorie Brodie disrupted the construction industry using a notepad and a box of donuts so you can change the world, too.

Under Armour to sell MyFitnessPal for $345M (MED CITY NEWS)

The company reached an agreement to sell the health app to Francisco Partners after acquiring it for $475 million in 2015.

Koa Health spins out from Telefónica Moonshot Alpha, scores $16.5M in initial funding (FIERCE HEALTHCARE)

The startup announced that it launched in the U.S. boosted by a series A investment of $16.5 million from Ancora Finance Group and Wellington Partners.

Unlearn adds to Series A funding round, bringing the total to $15M (MOBIHEALTHNEWS)

With the creation of digital twins in studies, Unlearn generates an intelligent control arm that can reduce the sample size and decrease the number of participants given the placebo.

U.K. to use A.I. to spot dangerous side effects in the millions of COVID-19 vaccinations it will deliver (FORTUNE)

The British government plans to use artificial intelligence software to spot any potential safety concerns with its planned mass vaccination program for COVID-19.

Biden’s ready to start his pandemic response immediately (STAT NEWS)

Never, in the country’s nearly 250-year history, has a president inherited a pandemic on the scale of COVID-19.

Fault in NHS COVID app meant thousands at risk did not quarantine (THE GUARDIAN)

The oversight in the app meant thousands of people were told they did not need to quarantine when they were in fact at risk of spreading coronavirus.

Here’s what we’ve learned about how to live in a pandemic world (THE VERGE)

There’s still some lingering uncertainty around some of those questions, but scientists have made some remarkable progress toward answers.

French-American AI startup Owkin closes $18 million Series A to make medical research more collaborative (TECH.EU)

The AI platform connects data scientists, clinicians, academic researchers and pharmaceutical companies to create global datasets and encourage collaborative research, all the while protecting patient data within a hospital’s local infrastructure.

Willful, Cisco, and The Canadian Shield share how to lead with empathy and flexibility (BETAKIT)

Willful CEO Erin Bury, The Canadian Shield President Jeremy Hedges, and Cisco Designed’s Wayne Cuervo discuss how small businesses can survive and thrive.

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