How Statflo helps wireless retailers like Telus stay on top of customer service


As The Disruptors co-host Amber Kanwar put it, most people don’t know too many friends and family members who love dealing with their wireless carriers.

Statflo, which recently raised a $2.4 million seed round for its data platform targeting wireless retailers, went on the show to claim that it is revolutionizing the customer service experience.

Statflo says its platform is already being used by hundreds of stores, including Telus outlets. Its software tool is available both in the retail environment and within the organization to ensure that everyone gets the correct data about customers on-demand. “Wireless customers are frustrated because depending on who they talk to, they get a different experience,” said CEO and co-founder Kevin Gervais. “This is caused by existing data that’s siloed throughout the organization.”

Co-host Bruce Croxon, disclosing that he was part of the Statflo’s seed funding round, explained why he believes in Statflo. “I’m used to walking into a cell dealer and them not knowing anything about me. I’m not sure what this is actually disrupting, but it is solving a real problem.”

Watch the whole pitch below:

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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