How startups can gain credibility with marketers

For its latest edition of #SalesTO, TechToronto invited Ray Carroll, vice president of sales at Enagio, and Hana Abaza, vice president of marketing at Uberflip, to address a pressing topic for small businesses and startups: how to build a harmonious relationship between sales and marketing.

Throughout the panel, Carroll and Abaza offered various tips for small businesses including how startups can build specialized and efficient sales and marketing teams from scratch and develop a strong relationship between the two.

By relating back to her own experiences, Abaza described three phases that startups often go through when trying to build their marketing teams where the company moves from having a few members with little direction to a larger, specialized team that has coordination, communication, and a plan.

“As the team starts to grow, you start to identify different areas where you need to specialize, and for marketing that’s going to be different for every company because your marketing strategy very much dictates the type of makeup of your team,” said Abaza. “But generally speaking, marketing teams are very cross-functional in terms of skillset, but also in terms of goals.”

Moving the discussion forward, Carroll addressed how startups can effectively distribute their content and gain credibility among various marketers. Marketers often receive an overwhelming amount of emails, tweets, and content from startups and may not always notice each startup’s content. Carroll said startups can break through this barrier by ensuring they send their content to the right places at the right time. “Great content is great content, but great content put in a place that nobody’s watching isn’t great for the sole purpose that it’s not in the right place.”

For more tips on how to build sales and marketing teams, watch the full video below:


Amira Zubairi

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