How do you measure culture in the remote and hybrid workplace?

Remote work, COVID
Donuts are not enough.

Let’s face it: building culture is hard. And in this now-familiar “new normal,” it’s really, really hard.

So how do companies do it? And equally as important, how do they measure it?

“We’re very social creatures, so human-to-human connection is ultimately what we’re craving, even if we are working in a digital-by-design or remote-first environment.”

As we settle into a more clear understanding of what a modern workplace looks like, we wanted to look deep into the heart of the Canadian startup ecosystem and get some real-time data. How are companies faring in their attempts to build hybrid or remote work culture? How do you know if it’s going well or… not so well before it’s too late?

We invited Shawn Hewat, CEO and co-founder at Wavy, to come onto the BetaKit Podcast and provide us with those insights, or at least some context. Her company’s platform tries to help tech companies solve this problem, and her team has been at the heart of the matter throughout the pandemic.

Let’s dig in.

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