HIGHLINE Brings Silicon Valley Tech Networking Series ‘Startup Socials’ to Canada

Startup Socials, a tech event series that originated in Silicon Valley, is coming to Canada powered by HIGHLINE and SoftLayer Catalyst who want to help connect entrepreneurs and investors in casual settings across the country.

“Thousands of entrepreneurs asked us to bring Startups Socials events to Canada, so they can better connect to the heartbeat of Silicon Valley,” said Vasil Azarov, CEO at Startup Socials. “With the continuous support of the HIGHLINE and SoftLayer, we can finally make this a reality.”

To date, Startup Socials Mixers have occurred in over a dozen cities globally; the Canadian chapters co-managed by HIGHLINE are launching next week with events happening on November 18th in Toronto, and November 20th in Vancouver.

Since its debut a few years ago, the Startup Socials brand has garnered a reputation in San Francisco and New York for hosting non-formal, accessible gatherings where connections happen easily between entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and other professionals who want to learn from and connect with leaders — and rising stars — in their industry.

What’s unique about Startup Socials is that they’re accessible, large-scale, and occur regularly — a rare combination for Canadian tech events. The goal of Startup Socials is simple: to facilitate authentic interactions and nurture relationships in a relaxed environment where the tech crowd can get together without expectation and without an agenda. It’s a consistent event series that is open to the whole startup community not just people selected by ecosystem insiders. This type of open event series has been missing on a national scale, so HIGHLINE’s CEO Marcus Daniels initiated the drive to bring the brand to Canada.

“HIGHLINE is trying to unite the best digital entrepreneurs, investors and partners to help Canadian founders that want to win on the global stage. The Canadian ecosystem is still plagued by groups that work in silos, but we’re really encouraged with the fresh wave of partners who are committed to co-create open community experiences to strengthen the national ecosystem.” – Marcus Daniels, CEO, HIGHLINE

HIGHLINE’s accelerator platform places a strong emphasis on helping founders establish global connections, hence the allure of the Startup Socials partnership.

Tickets to both the Vancouver (RSVP) and Toronto (RSVP) event are still available, but limited, so register today to secure your spot at Startup Socials’ Canadian debut.


Ian Hardy

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