Highline BETA partners with Cookhouse Lab to co-create and invest in insurance tech startups

Highline BETA

Highline BETA is partnering with Cookhouse Lab, which provides a dedicated space for global insurance companies, technologists, designers, and academics to collaborate on solutions for the insurance tech industry.

Cookhouse Lab is a joint venture LOGiQ3 Group and msg global inspired by the concept of the test kitchen. The Lab will open in February 2017 in Toronto.

“We’re very excited to partner with Highline Beta. The co-creation philosophy of Marcus and Ben attracted us to their model and we feel it’s a great matching of capabilities with Cookhouse Lab,” said Chris Murumets, co-founder of LOGiQ3 Group. “Highline BETA’s ability to find the best insuretech entrepreneurs, married with the market we’ll have within Cookhouse Lab will be a powerful combination. We all want to make insurance better, this is another great step in that direction.”

Highline BETA plans to work with those in Cookhouse Lab to co-create and invest in insurtech companies. Highline BETA is also notably one of the first AngelList Syndicates in Canada, and founding partner Marcus Daniels said insurtech is a key investment theme for the team.

“Our startup co-creation model is built on the belief that collaboration between industry leaders and startups is necessary for creating real innovation and bringing new technologies and better experiences to customers,” said Daniels. “Cookhouse Lab is an amazing example of open innovation at work, a collaboration between multiple leaders in the insurance industry, along with others, to solve problems and tackle new challenges. Our goal is to bring the entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity of startups into the mix.”

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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