Hack To Start Ep. 96: Camp Tech founder & CEO Avery Swartz

Hack to Start

This week’s guest is Avery Swartz, the founder and CEO of Camp Tech, a workshop company for non-technical people.

With a background in theater, Avery was drawn to both graphic design and the freelancing lifestyle, and decided to made a change. She launched her own design firm to enable her to follow this passion while still being able to contribute to innovative projects like the Art Canada Institute.

Through freelancing, Avery saw a need for in-person workshops on a variety of subjects. Shortly after, Camp Tech was born. Since launching in 2012, it has grown to more than 250 workshops across several major Canadian cities.

Avery also shares her experience by teaching the business of interactive design and how to work with clients at Humber College in Toronto and is also the co-host of a new conference called Gather North – which is a retreat for women who make the web.

Avery joins us to share her story, how she started her freelancing business and some of the biggest lessons she’s learnt along the way, what some of her favorite projects have been, how Camp Tech has grown so quickly, why she decided to help launch Gather North and how they sold out the event in their first year, and much more!

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