Hack to Start Ep. 94: Made By Many managing partner Leslie Bradshaw

Hack to Start

This week’s guest is Leslie Bradshaw, the managing partner at Made By Many, a product innovation studio.

Bradshaw has won several awards and accolades for her work, including Fast Company’s Most Influential Women in Tech, 100 Most Creative People In Business, Inc’s 30 Under 30, and AdAge’s Small Agency of The Year among many more.

She writes a series on Forbes called More (Power) Seats about issues facing women in a corporate environment and often speaks or writes about professional leadership.

Bradshaw joins us to share her story, what motivated to get into tech & startups, why she helped launch Jess3 — a creative, and very successful, agency at the age of 23 — how she’s managed to execute so many amazing projects for partners, the true cost of success that most people don’t talk about, why having a good team matters, and so much more!

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Hack To Start is a weekly podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success hosted by @FrancoVarriano & @TylerCopeland.

Our mission is to inspire others and to help them realize that success begins with a first step – an often imperfect, incomplete, stumbled upon first step or “hack” – that leads to something bigger. Most people aren’t sure where or how to start, but hopefully the stories and insights we’ll be sharing on this podcast will help.

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