Hack To Start Ep. 91: Foko CEO Marc Gingras

Hack to Start

This week’s guest is Marc Gingras, an angel investor and currently the CEO of Foko, a private photo sharing app for retail teams.

Marc has built and sold several companies over the years, beginning his career in tech just before the tech bubble with an ecommerce startup called Gytek – which was acquired a few years later.

Marc then took a job as a venture capitalist with a government-backed firm in Montreal called Innovatech.

He then created a calendar sharing application called Tungle, which was later acquired by Research in Motion (BlackBerry) in 2011.

Following his exit to BlackBerry, Marc took a sabbatical and began angel investing, supporting several exciting companies like OMsignal and Foko – which he later joined as CEO to help continue on its growth path.

Marc joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, advice for entrepreneurs who are looking to raise angel funding, how to build products in the B2B industry, and much more!

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