Hack To Start Ep.193: Vibhu Norby, founder and CEO of B8ta

Hack to Start

Vibhu Norby is the co-founder and CEO of B8ta, a new store designed for discovering, trying, and buying the latest tech products, as well as a new platform called Built by B8ta, which aims to power the future of physical retail experiences.

Norby moved to Silicon Valley after college to join a startup. He was eventually fired from the job, but then joined another startup which was acquired by MySpace.

From there, Norby joined Y Combinator with a social network startup of his own, raised some money, and was later acquired by Nest.

It was there that Norby started to really get interested in the future of retail — especially for emerging hardware brands.

Norby joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, what it was like running his own startups and working at Nest, why he started B8ta, how he thinks about the retail industry, what Built by B8ta is all about, what they’ve learned scaling to 80 physical stores, what’s next for the startup, and much more.

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