Hack To Start Ep.189: Mari Sheibly, product designer on Instagram

Hack to Start

Mari Sheibley is a Product Designer at Instagram.

Sheibley has a background in fine arts, before she transition into graphic design. When she first moved to New York, she took a bunch of odd jobs to make ends meet.

She eventually met Denis Crowley and Naveen, who were working on an idea that would become Foursquare. Sheibley was super passionate about the idea and started by designing all the badges for the app.

Once Foursquare raised money, Sheibley became their first designer. Over several years there, she helped push the product and shape the brand into the platform we’re all familiar with today.

Sheibley then became the Creative Director at Walker & Company brands, tackling all aspects of physical product design for the fast growing startup. Mari then took some time to consider her next steps as a designer and eventually joined Instagram.

Sheibley joins us to share her story, how she got into design and startups, what it was like working on Foursquare, what it was like tackling physical products as the Creative Director at Walker & Company Brands, what motivated her to join a bigger company like Instagram, her career advice and insights for other creatives, and much more.

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