Hack To Start Ep.179: Oscar Falmer, founder of TweetReality

Hack to Start

Oscar Falmer is the founder and developer behind the world’s first augmented reality Twitter client, TweetReality.

Falmer is only a few months away from graduating from the University of Eastern-Paris Marne-La-Vallee with a degree in computer science and mathematics. TweetReality is the 7th app he’s released to the Apple App Store — and it’s the biggest challenge he’s undertaken.

TweetReality has gotten over 20,000 downloads, over 500 upvotes on Product Hunt, been featured in over 150 articles in over 20 countries, including on The Verge, Fox News, CNN, The Next Web & more!

Falmer joins us to share his story, what it’s been like working all over the world, what motivated him to launch TweetReality, what it been like putting this app out there, and much more.

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