Hack To Start Ep.175: Michael Karnjanaprakorn, co-founder of Skillshare

Hack to Start

Michael Karnjanaprakorn is the co-founder and executive chairman of Skillshare.

Karnjanaprakorn has always had a passion and love for education and learning. His career in tech began as an outsider looking to prove himself. So he ended up taking a pay cut to move to New York and join Scott Belsky at Behance with two things in mind: do whatever the team needed and learn as much as he could.

While product-market fit was already found at Behance, Karnjanaprakorn later dove into product at Hot Potato, both deepening his skillset and knowledge in this area, and getting to experience the search for product-market fit firsthand.

He then dove into launching a startup of his own – Skillshare – by following three simple rules.

Karnjanaprakorn joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, how he and his co-founder proved to themselves that Skillshare would work, what it was like building the platform in the early days, how they’ve approached raising close to $25 million, what’s next for Skillshare, and much more.

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