Hack To Start Ep.169: Ajay Yadav, founder and CEO of Roomi

Hack to Start

Ajay Yadav is the founder and CEO of Roomi, the leading marketplace for shared housing and apartments.
Yadav has built several companies before Roomi, which was bootstrapped for the first two years and has raised over $6 million to date.

Yadav shares how he approached building the platform in the early days, from a Tumblr + Google forms MVP to building the first version of the mobile app himself.

Today, Roomi has acquired a few other startups in the same industry and has a remote team of over 40 people.

Yadav joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, what it was like building companies in the early days of the web, how he approaches fundraising, what it’s been like building and scaling a marketplace, and much more.

Hack To Start is a weekly podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success hosted by @FrancoVarriano and @TylerCopeland.

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