Hack To Start Ep.168: Paul Canetti, founder & CEO of MAZ

Hack to Start

Paul Canetti is the Founder & CEO of MAZ, a platform that empowers leaders in media to become pioneers in OTT and mobile technology.

Growing up, Canetti was exposed to design and technology through his father’s work and hobbies. Canetti taught himself digital design, and although he studied philosophy in college, he continued to maintain an interest in technology.

After working in corporate environments and consulting, Canetti started building websites and iPhone apps with a high school friend. Their passion for building products led them to creating MAZ, raising $2 million and then continuing to build and scale the business in a sustainable way.

Paul is also an Associate Professor at Columbia University in New York, where he teaches a class on user experience and product management for the MBA program. He is also a podcaster and the host of Wizardest, a podcast that features startup founders, VCs, and other interesting personalities to learn about their past experiences and views on the future.

Canetti joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, what it was like growing MAZ in the early days, how he approaches fundraising, why he got into podcasting, and much more.

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