Hack To Start Ep.158: Kelly Nyland, director of marketing for Spectacles

Hack to Start

Kelly Nyland is the Director of Marketing for Spectacles, a pair of video-recording sunglasses created by Snap Inc., the parent company of the massively popular disappearing photo app, Snapchat.

While this is the first hardware product from Snap Inc., Kelly’s personal history into architecting massive marketing campaigns for innovative and emerging consumer hardware products goes way back.

Kelly worked with Parrot as well as Sphero, helping the latter company go global through a partnership with Apple, and putting them in their stores in more than 70 countries in less than 14 months. Kelly was also involved in the launch of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ BB8 product.

So if you’re a hardware aficionado, love marketing campaigns, or are just curious about how startups conceive, launch, and scale hardware products – get ready, cause Kelly is going to share insights into all this and more!

Hack To Start is a weekly podcast focused on interesting people and the innovative ways they achieve success hosted by @FrancoVarriano and @TylerCopeland.

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