Hack To Start Ep.156: Tom Emrich, partner at Super Ventures

Hack to Start

Tom Emrich is a Partner at Super Ventures and a co-producer of Augmented World Expo.

After the release of the first feature phone, Tom began to see how immersive new technologies would transform the world around us and began building his career in the space.

He’s consulted on how these technologies can improve the workplace & covered the industry for media publications like CanadaAM, ReadWrite, Betakit and more.

Tom has also created and helped to foster communities around emerging technologies all over the world through groups like: We Are Wearables, Augmented Reality Bay Meetup, and most recently Augmented World Expo.

He’s also now investing with 3 other partners through Super Ventures, a $10 Million dollar fund that’s helping to back startups building AR/VR & wearable products worldwide.

Tom joins us to share his story, how he started his career in tech, why he’s so passionate about emerging technologies like AR/VR & wearables, what motivated him to help launch Super Ventures, what he and his partners look for in their investments, how he approaches building communities around emerging technologies, and much more!

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Editor’s note: Tom Emrich is a senior editor at BetaKit

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