Hack To Start Ep.150, David Heimann, co-founder and CTO of Purple

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David Heimann is the co-founder and CTO of Purple.

Heimann is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, but came to the US for school. Having always been more technical, he focused on the business side of things.

After graduation, he took on several sales roles to deepen his skills before joining a development studio called InfiniOne. There, Heimann really learned the in-and-outs of product management and operating as a lean startup.

Heimann is now working on his own company, Purple, which he helped launch by working with Rebecca Harris.
Originally a long content format website dedicated to political news and information, Haris and Heimann noticed that people – especially their peers – didn’t seem to be connecting with the content they were creating.

So they re-imagined the format and discovered that SMS and messaging apps were a more popular way to share and engage with their audience.

Purple was then accepted into the Techstars New York accelerator and continues to grow its reach as a platform.

Heimann joins us to share his story, how he started his career in tech, some of the most valuable startup lessons he learne while building products for other people, what it was like going through Techstars, why Messaging is such an engaging medium, and much more!

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