Hack To Start Ep.149: Sançar Şahin, director of marketing at Typeform

Hack to Start

Sançar Şahin is the director of marketing at Typeform.

With a background in radio and media, Şahin has become a self-taught marketer. Through several side projects and products built around content and education, Şahin has seen the shift towards new forms of online marketing and brand-building.

Currently based in Barcelona, Spain, Şahin is leading the marketing team at Typeform, and leveraging these tactics to continue to build and develop the experience that visitors and users feel when using the product or engaging with their content.

He and the team at Typeform are pushing the boundaries of what data collection means and redefining the traditional concept of a ‘form’.

Şahin joins us to share his story, how he started his career in tech, how to create engaging content, what it’s like working at Typeform, what the startup scene is like in Barcelona, and much more!

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