Hack To Start Ep.148: Sean Ellis, CEO of GrowthHackers.com

Hack to Start

Sean Ellis is the CEO of GrowthHackers.com, and the co-author of the new book Hacking Growth.

Ellis began his career in tech back in 1995 after he invested all his money in a friend’s company. There, he helped the young startup overcome lots of challenges related to growth and monetization.

This experience led him to realize the potential for growth that could be unlocked through cross-discipline collaboration.

Ellis then took on more growth roles at startups like LogMeIn, Dropbox, Eventbrite, and more — ultimately coining the term ‘Growth Hacker’ — and pioneering a new discipline and skillset.

Ellis went on start his own company, Qualaroo, which had customers like Uber, Starbucks, Spotify, and more. It also grew to millions of dollars in monthly recurring revenue before being acquired.

Ellis also started GrowthHackers.com, the online community for growth minded people. Through these experiences, he and Morgan Brown – another veteran marketer – teamed up to write Hacking Growth, a book that could serve as a detailed ‘How-To’ guide for the next generation of startups looking to acquire customers and grow.

Ellis joins us to share his story, how he started his career in tech, what it was like growing Uproar, LogMeIn, Dropbox and more, what it was like launching his own startup, why and how he built GrowthHackers.com, why he and Morgan wanted to write ‘Hacking Growth’, some of the biggest mistakes he sees startups making when it comes to growth, and much more!

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