Hack To Start Ep.147: Maya Prohovnik, head of operations at Anchor

Hack to Start

Maya Prohovnik is the Head of Operations at Anchor, a whole new way to experience audio.

Prohovnik studied psychology and linguistics before joining a startup called Aviary. There, she learned all about startups taking on several roles, and helping the team grow from eight to more than 30 before it was acquired by Adobe.

Prohovnik then ended up joining Betaworks in New York where she helped organize the first (official) Hackers in Residence program. She also helped launch a product called Glitter while she was there. Prohovnik also introduced the duo of Michael Mignano and Nir Zicherman – who were working on an app called Anchor – to Betaworks. She joined their team as the app quickly took off.

Prohovnik joins us to share her story, how she started her career in tech, what it was like working at Betaworks, how she joined Anchor, how she’s building a community around a new way of sharing audio, and much more!

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