Hack To Start Ep.145: Gina Gotthilf, VP of growth and marketing at Duolingo

Hack to Start

Gina Gotthilf is the VP of growth and marketing at Duolingo, a platform for free language education for the world.

Gotthilf is originally from Brazil, but has spent much of her career in New York.

After a few years of working at social media agencies, Gotthilf joined Tumblr to help lead their internationalization efforts in Brazil and South America. She then launched her own consulting company to help other US-based companies navigate these complexities.

Today, Gotthilf is the VP of growth and marketing at Duolingo,which has over 170 million users worldwide.

Gotthilf joins us to share her story, how she started her career in tech, what it was like running her own internationalization consultancy, how she ended up joining the team at Duolingo, what it’s been like growing the app internationally, how they’ve created an amazing community of contributors, and much more!

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