Hack To Start Ep.143: Jeff Sheldon, founder and designer of Ugmonk

Hack to Start

Jeff Sheldon is the designer and founder of Ugmonk.

Sheldon started Ugmonk as a side project to serve as his creative outlet from his day job as junior graphic designer.

Several years in, Sheldon reached a tipping point and decided to go all-in and make Ugmonk his full-time focus — growing the product line from t-shirts to other new items with a unique sense of style and minimalistic design.

10 years later, Jeff has shipped his products to over 67 countries, has spoken at conferences like 99u, been featured in publications like The Great Discontent, and launched charitable campaigns that have helped to provide over 50,000 meals to kids.

Sheldon joins us to share his story, what motivated him to launch Ugmonk, what it was like building the company in the early days, how he know when it was time to go all-in, some advice on building e-commerce brands, where the name “Ugmonk” comes from, and much more!

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