Hack to Start Ep.141: Hanna Kulin, product designer at Facebook

Hack to Start

Hanna Kulin is a product designer at Facebook. She is originally from Sweden, where she hustled to become a designer, and ended up joining Spotify through an internship.

While there, an opportunity presented itself for Kulin to become one of the first product managers to work on what would become Spotify Business. While backed by Spotify, Kulin and her colleagues built this side of the business from scratch, very much like a startup of their own.

Though this process and to help meet her own needs in documenting user feedback on mobile devices, Hanna also helped create a product called Lookback.io – which would go on to become a startup of its own and even raise funding.

Today, Kulin is a product designer at Facebook, where she’s part of the video team. She’s currently focused on Facebook Live and building creator tools for this rapidly growing platform.

Hanna joins us to share her story, how she got into tech and startups, what it’s been like building her career at Spotify and now Facebook, how she’s approached designing and helping to building creator tools for Facebook live, the differences in startup culture between Sweden and San Francisco, and much more!

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