Hack To Start Ep.138: Sophia Dominguez, CEO and co-founder of SVRF

Hack to Start

Sophia Dominguez is the CEO and co-founder of SVRF, the best way to search and discover VR content on the web.

Dominguez learnt how to be a front end developer after asking for an internship with a local company. From there, she developed a passion for product and startups.

After graduating, Dominguez went to San Francisco and fell in love with VR. Wanting to spend more time around this emerging technology, Dominguez ended up helping to organize one of the first conferences for wearable technologies.

After the conference, Dominguez got a Google Glass and decided to travel the world to see how people in other countries would react to this emerging technology. She raised some money to make the project a reality and ended up visiting countries like: Spain, France, England, Germany, India, and more, before ending up at CES to cap off her trip.

Dominguez continued to build her career in tech by joining a startup called Context Labs where she helped launch several different products and startups. Following this experience, Dominguez launched AllThingsVR as a go-to newsletter for VR enthusiasts. She then joined Rothenberg Ventures (now Frontier Tech Ventures) as an EIR before launching her current startup SVRF which is the best way to search and discover VR content on the web.

Dominguez joins us to share her story, how she got into startups, what it was like organizing a Google Glass trip around the world, how she approaches product management, why she’s so excited about VR, what it’s been like working on SVRF, and much more!

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