Hack To Start Ep.136: Mike Singleton, co-founder of Iterate

Hack to Start

Mike Singleton is the co-founder of Iterate, a product that helps you get the feedback you need to build better products and make better decisions.

Singleton started off his career as a developer working for a small startup in New York City before joining the early stage team at Foursquare. He later became the VP of Engineering and helped build the team that focused on the web services part of the platform.

After several years with Foursquare, Singleton’s back at it with a startup of his own called Iterate. Singleton and his co-founder decided to create Iterate after seeing a real need for smart tools that could help smaller teams get dynamic product feedback to help them grow.

Singleton joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, what it was like being one of the first employees and later the VP of Engineering at Foursquare, how he grows technical teams, what motivated him to launch Iterate, and much more!

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