Hack To Start Ep.130: Seth Louey, co-founder of Botlist

Hack to Start

Seth Louey is the co-founder of Botlist and the creative director at SimplyTapp.

As many entrepreneurs do, Louey started his career by saying he could code websites and then spent a week straight learning how to do it.

He later met a fellow developer named Mubashar (aka Mubs), and they quickly became friends. They’re among the most prolific makers on Product Hunt, both being nominated for Makers of the Year in 2016.

Louey, Mubs and Ben Tossell then launched a site called Botlist. Now, just over a year later it’s already crossed more than 2 million page views, thousands of bots submitted, and a thriving community of bot enthusiasts.

Louey joins us to share his story, how he got into startups, why he’s so passionate about bots and messaging, what it was like launching BotList, how he manages to balance several side projects and full time job, and much more!

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