Hack to Start Ep. 125: Orrett Davis, head of growth at Abe

Hack to Start

Orrett Davis is the Head of Growth at Abe, a company that builds conversational banking solutions for progressive community banks.

Davis is originally from Jamaica and moved to Florida as a kid. After studying Biotechnology, Davis was exposed to the world of startups and marketing and jumped right in – loving the fast pace at which (almost anything) is possible.

Davis is also deeply connected in the Orlando startup community, having organized several startup weekend events, meetups, and even launching an accelerator there.

He was also previously an analyst with a VC firm in between startups of his own. Today, he’s leading growth at a fin-tech bot company called Abe.

Davis joins us to share his story, what it’s like building and being a part of the tech community in Orlando, how he joined the team at Abe, why he’s so interested in the intersection of the FinTech and bot spaces, what it’s like growing a bot, and much more!

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