Hack To Start Ep. 119: Kathleen Warner, Executive Vice President at the Centre for Economic Transformation

Hack to Start

Kathleen Warner is the Executive Vice President & Managing Director of the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s Centre for Economic Transformation.

Warner is a lawyer by training, but following the start of her career in both the private and public sectors, she took a risk and decided to help launch Startup America where she was the founding COO.
There, Warner did everything from building the Startup America brand, to executing a growth strategy, and working with their founding sponsors which included the Case Foundation & the Kauffman Foundation, an all-entrepreneur board, and with its key public partner, the White House.

Following the success of Startup America, Warner was looking forward to the next opportunity and decided to undertake the challenge of helping New York City become the global model for tech and innovation.

As executive vice president, Warner works hand in hand with industry leaders to address the needs of NYC’s legacy and emerging businesses to spur economic growth and opportunities for all New Yorkers.

Warner joins us to share her story, what it was like building Startup America, some of the toughest challenges they had to overcome, how she approaches managing massive partnerships with key stakeholders, what she’s working on today at the Centre for Economic Transformation, and much more!

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