Hack To Start Ep. 117: Jeremy Goldberg, product designer at Facebook

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Jeremy Goldberg is a product designer at Facebook working on building Business, Platform, and AI on Messenger.

Goldberg has had a passion for and interest in design from an early age. He was part of a touring band as a teen and would often put his design skills to use for designing merch, posters, or other things the band needed.

Following his time as a performer, Jeremy started to team up with product minded entrepreneurs in and around his hometown in Arizona. He launched a few side projects of his own before ending up working at Google on their search product for iOS.

Today, Jeremy is part of the team at Facebook Messenger where he spends a lot of his time thinking about how people and businesses want to use Messenger to have conversations and get things done.
Jeremy joins us to share his story, how he got into design and later tech startups, what it was like launching some of his own projects and the biggest lessons learnt from that, what it was like applying to Facebook, what it’s like working on the Messenger team, how he thinks about bots, AI, and businesses in the context of messaging, and much more!

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