Hack to Start Ep. 116: Branch’s Mada Seghete

Hack to Start

Mada Seghete is the co-founder of Branch, the deep linking tool for app growth & attribution.

Mada is originally from Romania and grew up under communism. She then moved to the US for university. While taking some business classes, one professor helped her realize that the next wave of companies would be started by people like her.

After starting her first company and learning lots of valuable lessons first hand, Mada and her co-founders started Branch after realizing that their biggest challenge was user acquisition and referral tracking.

Branch has now raised over $53M in funding and has customers like: Pinterest, Mint, Foursquare, Buzzfeed and many more!

Mada joins us to share her story, how she got into tech and startups, what motivated her to start Branch, how they did things that didn’t scale to get their first customers, how she sees the future of mobile evolving, and much more!

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