Hack To Start Ep. 114: Bri Connelly, associate product manager at Google

Hack to Start

Bri Connelly is an associate product manager at Google.

She studied computer science at the University of Texas. While in school, she interned with IBM, Apple and Google.

Bri was also part of a class project powered by IBM’s Watson called Celebri AI. The project was quick validated turned into a startup that got accepted into the Capitol Factory accelerator in Austin.
Bri then joined Google as an Associate Product Manager where she got to work on the gboard, Google iOS keyboard.

Bri joins us to share her story, how she help launch Celebri AI, what it was like being at the Capitol Factory Accelerator in Austin, how she joined Google, what it’s like being a product manager there, what it was like launching a search driven keyboard, and much more!

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