Hack To Start Ep. 113: Ardi Iranmanesh, co-founder at Affinio

Hack to Start

Ardi Iranmanesh is the co-founder and chief-of-staff at Affinio, an advanced marketing intelligence platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumers.

Ardi is originally from Iran and moved to Canada to study engineering. Having always had a passion for business and how businesses are started, he quickly discovered the beginnings of the work that would become the Lean Startup framework by Steve Blank and Eric Ries.

Ardi was eventually connected with a few local founders and joined them in building a lean product lab called 26ones.

Affinio was born from a constant challenge they would inevitably face when trying to identify potential groups of customers online and through social media.

Ardi joins us to share more about his story, how Affinio approached getting their first customers, why and how it’s so important to test everything, what he’s currently focused on, and much more!

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