Hack To Start Ep. 110: Laura Roeder, founder and CEO of Edgar

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Laura Roeder is the founder and CEO of Edgar, an application that automates social media scheduling and marketing. Edgar is a cutting-edge service, and one of the fastest-growing competitors to HootSuite.

Roeder was still in junior high school when she taught herself to build websites. She then launched her first consulting business at the age 22. After consulting and running various online and offline classes on how to drive traffic and increase social engagement, Roeder developed a process that would become the basis of her next software company.

Within 11 months of launching Edgar, Roeder grew it to over $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue, serving almost 3,000 customers – all while remaining bootstrapped.

Roeder joins us to share her story, how she got into consulting and then startups, how she got her first customers, how they’ve managed to keep growing while staying bootstrapped, how she approaches managing and building a remote team, and much more!

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