Hack To Start Ep. 109: John Gleeson, VP of Customer Success at Affinio

Hack to Start

John Gleeson is the VP of customer success at Affinio, an advanced marketing intelligence platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today’s consumers. Affinio won Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” in Data-Driven Marketing Award for 2016.

While building an adult hockey skills company during university, Gleeson decided to pursue his MBA in Eastern Canada. He then decided to take a break from school and build his business remotely while traveling the world to surf.

Returning to school after a year away, Gleeson quickly found himself as hire #1 with a new startup called Affinio. Two and a half years later — and following their Series A funding — Affinio has now grown to a team of over 40 people based in New York, Toronto, Halifax and Ireland.

Gleeson is now the VP of Customer Success and joins us to share more about his story, how Affinio approached getting their first customers, why he’s now focusing on customer success, how he’s building that part of the organization and what metrics matter, and much more!

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