Hack To Start Ep. 106: Todd Garland, founder and CEO of BuySellAds

Hack to Start

Todd Garland is the founder and CEO of BuySellAds. Garland started diving into tech during college and got into startups shortly after. He join HubSpot as an early employee and quickly got inspired to start his own company.

BuySellAds is now flipping the adtech industry on its head with their unique, transparent, and simple approach. Completely bootstrapped and acting as a marketplace between advertisers and publishers, the team now works with over 1,200 publishers to strategically place ads that don’t invade the consumer’s privacy and online rights.

Garland joins us to share his story, how he managed to build the first version of the service, why BuySellAds is a completely different advertising model, how they’ve managed to remain bootstrapped and scale to selling more than 6 billion ad impressions each month, how they’ve approached acquisitions to fuel growth, and much more!

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