Hack To Start Ep. 104: Taylor Conroy, founder of Change Heroes and Journey333

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Taylor Conroy is the co-founder and CEO of two social enterprise startups: Change Heroes and Journey333.

Before diving into social enterprise, Conroy was running a successful real estate business. After a life changing trip to Uganda in 2009, Conroy came back to Canada, sold his business and launched Change Heroes, a SaaS company serving the world’s most innovative and dedicated nonprofits to engage people in giving through personal video.

Change Heroes has since helped thousands of people to bring friends together from over 80 countries to fund projects including schools, libraries, girls scholarships, anti-trafficking work, and more in 14 countries for over 200,000 people.

Seeing the growing desire millennials have for wanting to affect change and travel, Conroy saw a huge need and recently launched Journey333, an experiential impact travel company that exists to shift humanity by systematically shifting 1% of the North American millennial generation to become truly empathetic, altruistic, and connected by 2025, while providing adventure, purpose, and community to their community of millennial participants.

Conroy is also a sought after speaker who has presented around the world to over 100,000 people. He regularly presents at the United Nations in NY, and has lectured on social entrepreneurship at Harvard, Princeton, NYU, Cornell, and Stanford. He has studied meditation with Zen monks in Japan, surfed the longest wave in the world in Peru, filmed documentaries in Cambodia, Uganda, and Ecuador, become a yoga teacher in Costa Rica, run with the bulls in Spain, travelled to 35 countries, and explored every continent on earth.

Conroy joins us to share his story, what motivated him to launch socially minded startups, some of the impact his organizations have had so far, some of the challenges he’s had to overcome in the social enterprise space, how he’s worked with corporate partners like Disney and DHL, and much more!

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