Greenspace hopes its platform will match people with the best mental health care providers


Toronto-based Greenspace, one of the latest pitches on The Disruptors, wants to help mental health care providers improve the way they measure and monitor their patients’ progress and outcomes.

Greenspace’s web and mobile-based platform uses a data-driven predictive algorithm to help family doctors match patients with the most appropriate mental health therapists. Once a patient has been matched, Greenspace allows the family physicians and therapists to regularly track and monitor the patient’s treatment and progress.

“Our approach is to provide the clinical tools for mental health therapists, family doctors, and patients, so that we can improve patient engagement, reduce dropout, and improve patient outcomes in mental health care,” said Jeremy Weisz, a co-founder of Greenspace.

Co-host Bruce Croxon said Greenspace’s data-driven platform may help doctors and therapists save time as they try to match patients with the right provider. “To me, it’s a very useful tool to get things going,” said Croxon. “It’s a very simplistic diagnostic to give doctors and therapists a head start, save you some time, and I’m hoping that as the data comes in, they become more and more refined so it becomes more and more useful.”

Weisz said Greenspace, which is housed at the Biomedical Zone, will have over 1,000 mental health therapists and 250 family doctors using its platform this year.

Watch the full pitch below:

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