Globalive Technology Partners and Nuuvera using blockchain to ensure safety in cannabis products


Globalive Technology Partners has announced that it is working with Brampton, Ontario-based Nuuvera, which is working on commercial production and distribution of medical-grade cannabis.

Launched this month by Wind Mobile founder Tony Lacavera, GTP forms partnerships with companies looking to use blockchain to improve their processes.

Nuuvera is developing software for increasing the safety and security of records, and helping supply chain management globally. The partnership will see Nuuvera and GTP developing blockchain technology that will help validate the integrity and grade of cannabis products, from source to consumer.

Following its development, Nuuvera and GTP will license the software.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Anthony Lacavera and GTP on this disruptive global cannabis technology,” said Nuuvera CEO Lorne Abony. “In applying blockchain technology to this emerging industry, we will continue to shape the global cannabis market, and set an incredibly high bar for safety and consistency that will benefit patients everywhere.”

GTP said that its plan is to work with select partners in a variety of industries, and GTP selected Nuuvera as the sole partner for the cannabis market.

“At GTP we share Nuuvera’s vision to help build an innovative and safe global cannabis market,” said Lacavera. “We also want to see consumers receive the safest, highest quality products. That’s why we are delighted to choose Nuuvera as our sole partner to bring machine intelligence and blockchain technology to the cannabis industry.”

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Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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