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With money from Power and product shipping, Daniel Eberhard awaits the Summer of Koho(BETAKIT)

Koho handles the front-end experience of managing your money the way you hope a 21st-century company would – and it’s finally ready to release product in Canada.

How to budget for your wedding(WEALTHSIMPLE)

Summer is wedding season, and you don’t want to start your new marriage broke. Take these tips from Wealthsimple on how to save your bank account, your relationship, and your mind. (sponsored)

Bank of Montreal now allows customers to open accounts through their smartphone(BETAKIT)

Looking for a new bank account? If you choose Bank of Montreal, it’s as easy as a few clicks on your smartphone.

PayPal and Visa kiss and make up, form strategic partnership(VENTUREBEAT)

PayPal will now enable its users to pay for goods and services using their Visa cards – a huge step from when Visa originally wanted to go head-to-head with PayPal.

MasterCard agrees on £700m VocaLink acquisition(FINEXTRA)

In more news from credit card giants, MasterCard now owns VocaLink, the bank-owned operator of the UK’s Faster Payments system and Zapp mobile service.

Sift Science raises $30 million to predict and prevent fraud everywhere online(TECHCRUNCH)

Even as cybercriminals invent new tactics, Sift Science is keeping up with security – find out how they can predict when fraud might strike.

Chime on millennials and mobile banking – will the love last?(PYMNTS)

The co-founder and CEO of Chime discusses how money management needs to change to better suit the demands of millennials.

Santander doubles down on fintech fund(FINEXTRA)

Santander is showing its faith in the future of fintech by doubling the size of its investment fund – find out just how much.

Trim personal finance bot raises $2.2 million to save you money(TECHCRUNCH)

Trim also helps you manage subscriptions, set up spending alerts and check your bank balance – all via a handy bot.

One of the hottest areas of finance now has its own stock market index(BUSINESS INSIDER)

Ring the bell – the fintech index has reached the stock market!

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