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Toronto-based Vena Solutions raises $30 million to continue global growth, product development

The cloud-based corporate performance management software is on the rise.


Everything you need to know about drafting a will

It’s easy, it’s smart, and it’s more about taking care of the people you love than it is about you. Here’s how to do it. (sponsored)


Mastercard Canada and The Next 36 help foster next generation of startups at Mastercard Challenge

Mastercard Canada is supporting initiatives that will help it stay close to Canada’s tech talent – find out about their latest endeavour.


Peek.com raises $10 million, strikes partnership to bring tour and activity booking to Yelp

Peek.com lets travelers, and locals, find and book activities such as tours, tastings and lessons, online or via mobile – and now it’s coming to Yelp.


Shipt gets $20 million in funding to challenge Amazon, Google

It’s a big task, but Shipt, the online grocery ordering and delivery service, is up to challenging the online food delivery giants.

Business Insider

Oracle brings NetSuite home for $9.3 billion

It’s a massive deal for Oracle, and acquiring the cloud-based provider of accounting and financial management services is a huge investment.

FinTech Switzerland

P2P lending platforms revamp the consumer lending industry

Peer-to-peer lending has experienced tremendous growth in the past five years and is expected to be worth US$150 billion by 2025.


Indian digital payments market to hit $500bn by 2020 – Google

India is set for a digital payments revolution – find out why Google is estimating so high for India’s market.

BitCoin Agile

JPMorgan lost two leaders on its blockchain project

Two senior leaders of JPMorgan’s blockchain project, Juno, have left the firm to found their own blockchain startup.


Mark Carney has started a revolution by embracing fintech and blockchain

The Governor of the Bank of England has an ambitious vision for how fintech and blockchain could transform the global financial system and UK economy.

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