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Thinking Capital partners with Everlink to help credit unions offer online lending for small businesses(BETAKIT)

Everlink, which provides payment solutions for credit unions and banks, announced a partnership with Thinking Capital in an effort to allow credit unions to offer online lending to their customers.

Alex Karpovsky, star of HBO’s Girls, tells Wealthsimple why going to a loan shark was a good financial move(WEALTHSIMPLE)

Not to mention how being a struggling filmmaker until your mid-30s gives you great financial perspective when you finally get paid. (sponsored)

Global FinTech Hubs Federation launches(FINEXTRA)

More than 20 countries have signed up to a new Global FinTech Hubs Federation (GFHF) that will work to bring together the international community of financial technology players.

Wealth-management firms face big risk of losing clients, survey finds(INVESTMENT EXECUTIVE)

Wealth-management firms that fail to make strategic investments to deliver a superior client experience may risk losing a substantial portion of their business, according to a 2016 global wealth-management report.

Mogo launches MogoApp offering free credit score and spending account(BETAKIT)

Vancouver-based Mogo announced the launch of its Mogo Account and iOS app, MogoApp, in an effort to embrace a more digital banking experience.

Ensuring cybersecurity in FinTech: key trends and solutions(FORBES)

A list of some key trends impacting the cybersecurity landscape in the context of digital financial services, and some approaches that can help improve the security of emerging financial products and services in light of those trends.

Payment innovation: Take the better option now(TECHCRUNCH)

The embrace of advances in FinTech inspires a notion of security and reduction in fraudulent activity. However, it’s necessary to examine what requirements should be prescribed given the digital divide that still exists in both developed and emerging economies.

Why FinTech startups are flocking to a 124-year-old bank in Kansas(FORTUNE)

Over the last few years, the bank has become a secret weapon for other FinTech companies, which rely on both its technology and status as a state-chartered bank to build their own businesses.

Impression Ventures raises $20 million fund dedicated to early stage FinTech companies(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based Impression Ventures Fund II announced the close of $20 million for its fund, which will be dedicated to early stage FinTech companies across Canada.

HSBC, 11 other banks sharpen focus on FinTech innovation(SCMP)

Eight financial technology start-ups, including companies from Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Germany, are looking to introduce innovation that could help revitalise the Asia-Pacific banking market through a programme backed by a dozen major institutions.

US banks rebrand P2P payments service to take on Venmo(FINEXTRA)

America’s banks are stepping up their assault on Venmo by rebranding their clearXchange person-to-person payments service to the more consumer-friendly Zelle.

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