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@StartupCFO explains the long, winding road to a closed funding round

There’s plenty of ways for startups to raise capital, but the best is to always be in a quasi-fundraising mode. Here’s how you should approach it.


Ask Wealthsimple: What are these new financial regulations everyone’s talking about?

Wealthsimple’s money guy tells you everything you need to know about CRM2 – including how it’s not like Game Of Thrones. (sponsored)


Nearly half of North Americans open to robo-advice

A huge number of North American bank customers are open to ditching human expertise for automated, computer-generated advice and services.


The rise of the overbanked and the opportunity to serve them

The overbanked are consumers who hold open deposit accounts with three or more financial institutions – and they could equal huge opportunity for financial tech.


Kasisto’s new bots want to be the Ask Me Anything of personal finance

The personal finance bot market is growing, and it shows that people are interested in banking through a messaging app rather than an online banking app.


Brexit could be a huge setback for European startups

Just when the continent is trying to unify in the digital space, the United Kingdom has voted to step out – what does this mean for the European startup scene?


These are the 5 hottest companies in Fintech

Fortune names a handful of companies with major growth potential, including blockchain, payments processing, a lender, and more.


Bitcoin exchange QUOINE in multi-million dollar Series A funding round

QUOINE has gone from strength to strength since its founding in 2014 – and now they’ve successfully completed their Series A funding round.

American Banker

How banks could regain ground from FinTechs

In order to regain ground, banks have to restore the sense of purpose they once had – the very thing that FinTech startups have in spades.


CanCon Podcast Ep. 22: Canada’s got (tech) talent?

This week’s CanCon podcast is all about mistakes, or at least, how tech companies move forward once they make one.

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