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Montréal’s Nuvei raises $358 million CAD, reaches $2.65 billion CAD valuation(BETAKIT)

Following the raise, the company is now valued at $2.65 billion CAD ($2 billion USD).

FintechOS raises $14M to help banks launch products as fast as FinTech startups(TECHCRUNCH)

FintechOS allows banks and insurance companies to act and react faster than the new upstarts on the scene with plug and play products.

Ghanaian blockchain-based payments startup Bit Sika raises funding from Microtraction(DISRUPT AFRICA)

Ghanaian startup Bit Sika, which uses blockchain technology to help users receive money instantly, from anyone, anywhere at zero cost, has secured funding from early-stage VC firm Microtraction to help it grow further.

Koho says its metal card is driving significant new customer interest(BETAKIT)

Koho made its new metal credit cards available on Thursday, with the new product helping bring in an unprecedented number of new leads for the challenger bank.

Insurtech startup Sproutt raises $12 million(CTECH)

Sproutt develops an online service that offers tailored life insurance rates for “healthier” individuals by taking into consideration factors including a person’s lifestyle, health, activities, and diet.

What FinTech bubble? How to find the good FinTech investments(FORBES)

Ignore the pessimistic view. Dismissing opportunities for further FinTech investment is short-sighted.

Borrowell ventures into new category with predictive loan tool(BETAKIT)

Toronto-based FinTech Borrowell has launched Borrowell Boost, a new suite of digital tools to help consumers track, manage, and pay bills on time.

Klarna CEO says ‘maybe’ to taking public Europe’s most valuable FinTech next year (but he’s not ruling out another round, either)(TECHCRUNCH)

The toughest competition of all may come from Amazon and Google, which are increasingly embedding their payment systems — Amazon Pay and and Google Pay — into the sites of merchants.

Desmarais brothers to step down as CEOs in overhaul of Power Corp(FINANCIALPOST)

The Desmarais brothers, sons of the family who runs the Montreal-based firm, will stay on as chairman and deputy chairman.

FlexPay raises $6 million as it looks to attack “false declines” in online payments(BETAKIT)

Montréal-based FlexPay, which is using AI to help e-commerce and subscription companies reduce credit card declines, has received a $6 million late seed round.

Portify raises £7M Series A for its FinTech app for ‘modern’ or gig economy workers(TECHCRUNCH)

The round, which comes a year after the company raised £1.3 million in seed investment, is led by Redalpine (an early investor in N26, Taxfix, Finiata, amongst others).

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