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With $1 million in funding, Toronto-based Drop hopes to dominate North America’s loyalty market(BETAKIT)

Drop, an iOS app that allows users to earn rewards on top of what current programs already provide, has been launched – with the potential to completely change the loyalty game.

Matt Berninger, lead singer of The National, tells Wealthsimple why losing $1 million led him to being a rock star(WEALTHSIMPLE)

Some musicians have very unique career backgrounds, and in the case of The National’s frontman, it was leaving the dot-com world that helped him find creative freedom. (sponsored)

Could Berlin steal London’s FinTech capital throne?(PYMNTS)

In the wake of Brexit, the battle for Europe’s capital city for FinTech may be between London and Berlin.

Brexit: keep calm and carry on(BANKINGTECH)

Taking a look at how Brexit’s impact of uncertainty continues to send ripples through the FinTech world in Europe.

Responsive AI wants to beat the robo-advisors with AI-driven investing(BETAKIT)

Vancouver-based startup Responsive is launching an AI-driven, active management investment service this August – but don’t call it a robo-advisor.

BTMU joins $10.5 million Coinbase round(FINEXTRA)

Bitcoin exchange and virtual wallet operator Coinbase has secured a $10.5 million investment from a group of Japanese investors.

How New York beat Silicon Valley in FinTech funding in Q1(DATAMATION)

Not all technology venture capital is flowing into Silicon Valley startups. Here’s how New York managed to come out on top in 2016’s first quarter.

Vancouver FinTech startup helps immigrants land on their feet(FINEXTRA)

A Vancouver entrepreneur is helping other newcomers to Canada by starting a financial technology company that help immigrants settle in their new home.

Goldmoney acquires U.S.-based precious metal dealer(BETAKIT)

In 2015, Schiff Gold sold over $125 million in precious metals, generated $2.8 million of gross profit – and now it belongs to Goldmoney.

Ripple goes after Swift; talks up multi-sign(FINEXTRA)

Looking to capitalise on the recent spate of successful bank heists from institutions connected to the global Swift network, Ripple is introducing a multi-sign feature on its consensus ledger.

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