Four Canadian companies chosen in Interface Health Excellence Challenge top ten

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The top 10 challengers for the fourth annual Interface Health Excellence Challenge (IHX Challenge) have finally been chosen out of 25 contenders. Out of the top 10, four companies are Canadian.

The IHX Challenge is a global competition that seeks out the world’s most innovative health entrepreneurs, and covers 10-market driven health categories, such as big data, biopharma and personalized medicine. The finalists are chosen by a panel of industry experts, members of and patients. The Canadian companies participating include Mindful Scientific, a Halifax-based company focused on building medical devices for brain health; Phemi, a Vancouver-based big data warehouse company that lets organizations access and mine data; and Cloud Diagnostics Canada, a Kitchener-based company which develops products like Pulsewave, a health monitor that measures heart rate and heart anomalies which can then be analyzed on your PC. Richmond-based Burton Software, the company behind user-friendly food safety software ICICLE, will be joining as a wild card.

The top 10 finalists will compete at the Vancouver Convention Centre on September 29-30, and will vie for the top prize of $40,000. The second prize winner receives $20,000, while the 3rd prize winner receives $10,000.

Jessica Galang

Jessica Galang

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