Four BCIC Ignite Award winners receive total of $2.7 million in funding

BCIC Ignite Awards

The BC Innovation Council announced the first four winners of its Ignite Awards, giving out $838,000 to BC research projects in natural resources and the applied sciences. The announcement was made at Vancouver’s Science World on Oct. 26.

As the BCIC Ignite model requires projects to secure matching funds from industry or government sources at a ratio of 2:1 matching dollars to Ignite dollars, more than $2.7 million will go towards the four projects.

BCIC gives out the awards to organizations in a diverse range of technical fields that have shown commercial and technical viability, with a key ability to be able to go to market within three years.

“BC is home to transformative research that can solve problems for markets around the world,” said Shirley Vickers, BCIC President and CEO. “BCIC Ignite accelerates the commercialization of groundbreaking research to change BC and change the world.”

This time, the winning entrants’ cutting-edge technologies included using nanoparticles to improve X-ray effectiveness in cancer treatment, an improved metal extraction process, better anchors for tall wood building construction, and an adaptable and cost-effective electrochemical cell platform.

Winners included:

  • Dr. Pieter Cullis, from UBC, working with Integrated Nanotherapeutics – $300,000.
  • Dr. Edouard Asselin from UBC, working with Jetti Resources – $300,000.
  • Dr. Thomas Tannert, UNBC, working with FP Innovations – $88,000.
  • Dr. David Wilkinson, UBC, working with Noram Engineering – $150,000.

“This Ignite grant will allow us to accelerate and expand our test-work program with the aim of identifying and minimizing potential technical risks,” said Dr. Nelson Mora from Jetti Resources. “This industry driven research in a great example on how bright academic research can be harnessed to create a technology with market value that will revolutionize industry.”


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